Goal Science Workshop

Set Goals

Avoid Traps

Plan Everything

Get Going

Why do only 10% of people regularly achieve their goals? An intensive workshop to set goals that belong to you, develop action-focused strategies (to avoid traps), and gear-up-the-brain to achieve what it is you want.

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What you’ll gain: Knowledge, Skills & Tools

Brain Science & Goals

Understand the brain to approach & achieve goals.

Values Driven Goals

Create values-driven goals for greater oomph!

Sensory Goals

Use sensory language to build greater resonance.

Intrinsic Motivation

Increase internal drive; autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Remove Elephants

Spot resistances, match with solutions ahead of time.

Unlock Caged Thinking

Recognise the signs of caged thinking and prevent stalling.

Enlist The Right People

Build a team around, get the support you need.

Track Progress

Track progress via constant feedback loops.

Strategic Roadmap

Develop a get-to-goal roadmap.

Time Critical Start

Make a time-critical start, and know why.

Go For Stretch

Stretch-for-success, not stretch-and-stress.

Solution Focus

Be solution focused, meet setbacks with resilience.

Broaden Opportunity

Define other opportunities your goal will bring.

Expand Thinking

Tap into new thinking around your goal.

Goal Focus Workbook

Leave with a workbook to design and record actions.

Est. 2003 | Many Clients. Many Organisations.

XERO, MBIE, Kaibosh, WEL Networks, Apitalent, Westpac, New Zealand Post, Transpower, Statistics NZ, Reserve Bank, Connexis, Housing New Zealand, Adscale Labs, Department of Conservation, Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, WWF, Forest & Bird, S.P.R.E.P. (Samoa), Pharmacy Guild NZ, Diligent, The Blue School, Gap Filler, Land Information NZ, Parliament, GNS Science, Sports NZ, Memorial Park Alliance, Kindergarten Association NZ, Sustainability Trust, MPI, Birthright, South Wairarapa Vets, City Care, Napier Kindergarten Association, Downer, Christchurch City Council, Department of Internal Affairs, ACC, Summerset Holdings, and numerous small businesses and individuals.

Training Methodology | Designed with the brain in mind


Learning by doing works, (sit-and-listen doesn't). We'll present a tool, demo how to use it and then get you to 'take-the-wheel'.

No Half Haircuts

Squeezing our bigger trainings into half-the-time, is a little like giving someone half a haircut. We just wouldn't do it! Quality comes first.

Layered Training

Each training module is layered into other modules giving you a package of tools that embed key leadership principles.

Brain-Based Training

Tools and skill-sets trained are partnered with an understanding of the brain, giving deeper insights without an academic overload.

Client Centred

These trainings are about you not a textbook,  your own experiences help you make sense of the content.

No One Gets Lost

Our trainings have a max. of 14 people, so no one gets lost in the crowd and everyone gets the space to engage.

Visual Workbooks

Our workbooks are styled on the slides you'll see as the training unfolds. This makes for easier referencing and 'glazed-eye' prevention.

Business End

The tools and skills we train have a business-end... i.e. they lead into clear actions, owners and timeframes so that things get done.

Embedding Strategies

It's not over when the training ends, we've added embedding strategies to help people leap in to action and apply their learning.

... a REAL understanding of how the brain 'wires' and people develop ...

David Savage | Leadership Collaboration Specialist


Fully Walks-The-Talk

Feedback from participants:
"David Savage uses the skills and tools he trains" 6% Agree
94% "Fully Walks-the-Talk"

Est. 2003

Operating since 2003, David Savage is one of the most experienced leadership trainers in New Zealand.


Working with a range of clients from CEOs to New Leaders to Sports Professionals, he's coached over 300 people and delivered training, workshops and keynotes to thousands more.


His extensive training has revolved around brain-science and includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Brain-based Coaching from the Neuro Leadership Group.

High-Profile Contracts

David was one of the original leadership Coaches on the post-eathquake Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, also Alliance Coach on the Memorial Park Alliance, and delivered his leadership trainings internally to over 100 Transpower Managers, and 150+ people at Statistics New Zealand.

Leadership & Collaboration Specialist

“David’s deep understanding and respect for the human spirit creates real and powerful coaching experiences!”

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