“An addictive and sumptuous mind explosion...”

Heather Ritchie  | Project Manager, Energy Sector


“If you want to develop Leadership, develop who you are as a human being” CEO

Influence & Leadership EQ

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation

Solution Focused Leadership

Resiliance, Optimism & Agility

Mental Agility & Strengths-Based Leadership Training
Great leadership, be it personal or professional, is driven from within and so Leadership Intelligence is designed to fire-up your mind and activate your unique combination of strengths, values and motivators to take you and your leadership to the next level. As one CEO puts it, ‘If you want to develop leadership, develop who you are as a human being’.

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Practical Tools.

Real World Ready.

Proven Value.

What you’ll learn on this training…

PART 1: Leadership EQ & The Social Brain

Values & Leadership

Understand the values that separate average from outstanding leadership, recognise them in your own portfolio of strengths.

Adaptive Leadership

Learn how and when to adapt your leadership style to different scenarios, apply with confidence.

Leadership & Motivation

From neuroscience, apply five key principles to enable other people to operate at their best.

Operating Above-the-line

Define the benchmark for your own leadership, model to others and set the performance tone.

PART 2: Strengths-Based Leadership

Core Values & Drivers

See how your core values drive decision making, relationships and ‘fit’ … utilise with greater intention for greater satisfaction.

Apply Your Strengths

Know your strengths and apply them to meet change, challenge and your bigger goals in life and at work.

Intrinsic Motivation

Know your intrinsic motivators; bolster autonomy, mastery and purpose; feel more connected and driven.

PART 3: R.O.A.M. | Resiliance, Optimism and an Agile Mindset

Mechanics of Mind

Understand the mechanics of your mind and increase mental strength.

Solution Focus

Meet problems with solutions where other people see drama.

Calm Under Pressure

Stay calm under pressure, think clearly to access a fuller range of solutions.



Strengthen your resilience and bounce back quicker from setbacks.

Instant Pre-Play

From sports psychology, use strategies to create positive expectations.

Caged Thinking

Recognise caged thinking, operate beyond mental limitations.


Link positive beliefs to your strengths for greater self-determination.

Organise your mind

Resolve overwhelm, organise your mental space using your visual cortex.

PART 4: Visionary Leadership

Catalysing Change

Understand the five levels of reason and be a catalyst for change around what matters most to you.

Goal Focus

Using the brain’s sensory system, set specific goals around your aspirations for leadership and change.

Leave this training with greater command over your internal operating system, drop the noise that can limit your potential and focus-on achieving the things that excite you.

“One of the BEST trainings I’ve ever done”

How previous participants rate Leadership Intelligence



“I would recommend this training to others”
18% Agree.
82% “Strongly Recommend”



“The training has been valuable & engaging”
21% Agree.
79% “Strongly Agree”


Ready & Excited

“I’m ready to apply the practical tools & skills”
18% Agree.
82% “Ready & Excited”


The BEST Ever

“One of the best trainings I’ve ever been on”
42% Agree.
58% “The BEST ever!”

What people say about this training

Recognising the leadership role that today’s Project Managers have, we commissioned a fusion of David's trainings to run in-house for 43 Managers. The feedback and has been exceptional and the results immediate.

Christian Carter

Transpower, PMO Manager

David has worked very closely with my team and individuals, including myself. He has provided us with the tools, mindset and drive to succeed, both as individuals and as a team. He is well respected and trusted across the team, delivering outstanding results time after time!!

Chanelle Becker

QA Manager, Statistics New Zealand

Blow your sox off – Another great course and positive experience again… Lots of practical, useable, understandable tools that you can take away and use. Excellent content and delivery. Excellent, empowering, excellent tools, grow your leadership skills in a practical and energetic way. Thanks Sav – another great course and positive experience again.

Prescott Jones

Statistics New Zealand, IT Manager


An effective training is strong in content, training methodology and presence.


Learning by doing works, (sit-and-listen doesn't). We'll present a tool, demo how to use it and then get you to 'take-the-wheel'.

Embedding Strategies

It's not over when the training ends, we've added embedding strategies to help people leap in to action and apply their learning.

Layered Training

Each training module is layered into other modules giving you a package of tools that embed key leadership principles.

Brain-Based Training

Tools and skill-sets trained are partnered with an understanding of the brain, giving deeper insights without an academic overload.

Client Centred

These trainings are about you not a textbook,  your own experiences help you make sense of the content.

Business End

The tools and skills we train have a business-end... i.e. they lead into clear actions, owners and timeframes so that things get done.

Visual Workbooks

Our workbooks are styled on the slides you'll see as the training unfolds. This makes for easier referencing and 'glazed-eye' prevention.

Management Loop Leadership Training

Management Loop

On all our trainings, we establish a management loop, setting outcomes pre-training by the participant and their manager, ready for post training follow-up.


Pre-work Leadership Training


We understand that most people's work life is busy, we we keep the pre-work light but 'on the mark'. The pre-work helps participants bridge real work scenarios with what they'll learn on the training.


 $2,950+GST | What’s Included & Discounts

Full 4-Day Training

Post-Training Resources

Fully Catered

200+ Page Workbook

Completion Report

Skills-Check List

Embedding Strategies

Completion Certificate

Take-Away Tool Templates



Earlybird payment


3 or more participants


10 to 12 Participants


Is this training the right one for me?

This is one of a few trainings I run, so do look at the others to make sure you select the right one for you. For Leadership Intelligence, do this training if you want to develop your own internal capability as a leader. Put differently, do this training if you want to develop greater confidence and determination, increase mental strength and stretch your own personal leadership.

What's the value for my employer?

Previous participants advocate this training based on both personal value and workplace value. In a nutshell, the greater your capability as a leader, the greater value you can add back at work. Specifically, participants report greater confidence through times of change, more resilience when things get hard and an improved ability to develop soltuons both independantly and collaboratively.

Will I find this training a challenge?

In short, if you’re not challenged by this training, I’m not doing my job. However, challenged to ‘stretch’ not ‘stress’. The goal is for you to leave this training excited by what you can achieve, which will potentially be more that you thought!

Why four days?

Four days is a chunk of time to be out of the workplace, but as with all my courses, I provide a quality experience not a tick box exercise. Leadership training works with the brain’s hardwiring and your hardwiring has be forming since birth (actually just before), and so if you want to achieve real development that’s sustainable, you need focused training that understands how the brain wires and rewires. A shorter training may tick the box, but I’d seriously question the quality.

How is the training structured?

Great question! Let me answer that using key principles that make up the structure…

1: Science base – You’ll hear the science behind each part of the content, not so much to feel lectured and academically drowned, but just enough to add to your insights and relate what you hear to your real life experience.

2. Form – As a leadership specialist, my training also includes Neuro Linguistics and brain-based training methodology. Broken down, it means I train according to how the brain learns … each part of the content is presented in terms of why it’s important, what the tool (or model or skill) is, how to apply it and how versitile it is. There’s a method here that makes it simple and accessible for you to have a comprehensive understanding of how a tool works and how to apply it.

3. Practical – Learn by doing. On my trainings you’ll be busy; I aim to minimise the ‘sit and listen’ parts and maximise ‘go do’ parts.

4. Layered training – This means that each part of the training connects to and builds on previous parts.

5. Meta training – In short, I model what I train as I’m training it … maximum sensory congruence!

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