Resilience, Optimism & Agility Mindset Training

For people with possibilities in mind

R.O.A.M. is an intensive program that builds resilience, embeds optimism, develops agile thinking and creates a possibility mindset. Ideal for purpose-driven people with an appetite to achieve more.


Bounce Back


Solution Focus


Adapt to Challenge


Deal in Possibilities

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What you’ll learn on this training

Values as Drivers

Understand your drivers, what you stand and strive for.

Leverage Strengths

Identify evidence-based strengths, leverage to meet challenge.

Solution Focus

Embed resilience through a focus on solutions.

Thinking Capability

Extend thinking capability, use brake state questioning.

Intrinsic Motivation

Unleash intrinsic motivation; build autonomy, mastery & purpose.

Problem Solving

Solve problems via the four-step-solution-tool.

Mental Agility

Learn strategies for a healthy and agile mindset

Purposeful Challenge

Increase your capability through purposeful challenge & stretch


Turn personal challenge into strength and leadership

Minimise Interference

Identify interference, take action to zero-out.

Caged Thinking

Break-out of limited thinking and into possibilities.

Calm Under Pressure

Stay calm and ‘positively charged’ under pressure

Change Drivers

Adapt, adopt and aspire to navigate change

S.K.E. Mapping

Create a development map that’s meaningful; Skills, Knowledge & Experience.

Purpose Proposition

Align and apply your strengths to greater purpose

Mentoring & Modelling

Connect with people and establish positive exchange.

David Savage, speaking from experience …

“This material helps people push boundaries, achieve goals and meet challenge, and I can personally vouch for it’s effectiveness. In Sept 2014, I was diagnosed with Motor-Neurons Disease. With an average life expectancy of eighteen-months to three-years, I was told to get my house wheel-chair ready within six months. I had two young children and my wife who was four months pregnant, so you can imagine how hard the news hit. “However, whilst deeply challenging, it became a time of empowerment; life was suddenly simplified, and what was truly important became central to everything. It’s the clearest mind I’ve ever had and the strongest I’ve ever felt. “I’m still alive and no wheel chair… three tough months later in December 2014 the MND diagnosis was declared a misdiagnosis, and the auto-immune disease that I actually have, isn’t going to kill me or effect what I do in anyway. Now, this is the short version of the story, the point being is that R.O.A.M. is pressure-tested and simply works.”
David Savage Leadership Training New Zealand

Experience | Fourteen Years of Experience


Fourteen years of experience coaching and training people, teams and leaders.

People Trained

549 people have joined our leadership,  & communication trainings since 2011.


Over 300 people coached since 2003 using a goal-focused and brain-based methodology.



"David Savage uses the skills and tools he trains" 5% Agree
95% "Fully Walks-the-Talk"


Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild TeamSCIRT-vision-300x225

Post earthquake, SCIRT was tasked to rebuild the city's infrastructure, specifically $3bn worth of horizontal infrastructure in four years. The biggest scale endeavour New Zealand has ever seen required a workforce expansion of skilled labour from 800 people to 2000 in a very small amount of time.

I was one of a small team of Leadership Coaches hired to develop, support and embed a high performance culture, initially within the Integrated Services Team and then one of the five delivery teams. I was with SCIRT for 18 months making regular monthly visits and providing 1-2-1 and team coaching , plus workshop facilitation.

"Every so often you meet someone who is truly remarkable – that is someone who is so incisive and insightful that you can’t help but remark about them to others. David is truly remarkable." Angus Bargh, Traffic Planning Manager, S.C.I.R.T.


Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Vision: The Pacific environment, sustaining our livelihoods and natural heritage in harmony with our cultures.

SPREP is a large NGO based in Samoa that brings to life a number of environmental initiatives. Hired a Leadership Specialist, I brought my leadership program over to Samoa and later Fiji to work with members of PEEL, Pacific Emerging Environmental Leaders (a SPREP project). These members were young leaders from a range of Pacific Island nations, all active within their own communities working on a range of projects. The goal was to develop their leadership further and give them tools to collaborate with on projects.

David is an excellent leadership facilitator, with the ability to be flexible in his approach, yet meeting the objectives of the programme. He is able to seemingly get into the minds of the participants and work with them in highly positive, inspiring and encouraging manner. David seems to have an ability to make people believe in themselves – an essential quality for any leadership facilitator.

Seema Dao, Communication Manager, SPREP (Samoa)


Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand

The longest running relationship in my portfolio is with Statistics New Zealand, who since 2005 have sent have sent over 150 people on leadership and coaching training programs, with many more attending team coaching workshops.

I have had David involved in training and mentoring all my management team. I have also used him to mentor and coach myself. He has also facilitated and lead workshops for different areas in our organisation. He just fits in and manages to get the best out of each person, giving them the tools and confidence to go on and be great. He manages to get into those areas that challenge you and make you step outside your comfort zone all the while feeling ok because you have the tools to do it. I highly recommend David as a leadership development specialist and continue to use his services at every opportunity.

Sharon Hastie, Divisional Manager, Statistics New Zealand


Memorial Park Alliance

From MCH: Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington was created as the Government’s key project to acknowledge the centenary of the First World War. This was completed in time to be the centrepiece of Anzac Day commemorations in 2015. WW100, the centenary of New Zealand's participation in the First World War, will be marked over several years through a variety of commemorative activities and projects. More

Hired as the Alliance Coach, I joined the programme of work once it was well underway. My role was to work with the Alliance Management Team and individual Managers with a focus on performance and leadership. The most driven team I've worked with to date!




After testing the trainings via open courses, a combination of leadership trainings were commissioned for 43 Managers by the Project Management Office. Due to the significant results and benefits, the training was then further commissioned twice more for another 33 staff and managers, with 20 plus attending various open courses.

"Recognising the leadership role that today’s Project Managers have, we commissioned a fusion of David's trainings to run in-house for 43 Managers. The feedback and has been exceptional and the results immediate."

Christian Carter, Transpower, PMO Manager

Housing New Zealand

Housing New Zealand

As part of their Talent Development Program, HNZ commission Leading Innovation, an extensive end-to-end innovation program that develops leaders and produces real ideas with an ROI appetite.

"Fantastic facilitator, so skilled + personable. The best training experience I have had. So grateful for the opportunity. Absolutely fantastic!"

Ingrid DowneySenior Analyst


Est. 2003 | Many Clients. Many Organisations.

XERO, MBIE, Kaibosh, WEL Networks, Apitalent, Westpac, New Zealand Post, Transpower, Statistics NZ, Reserve Bank, Connexis, Housing New Zealand, Adscale Labs, Department of Conservation, Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, WWF, Forest & Bird, S.P.R.E.P. (Samoa), Pharmacy Guild NZ, Diligent, The Blue School, Gap Filler, Land Information NZ, Parliament, GNS Science, Sports NZ, Memorial Park Alliance, Kindergarten Association NZ, Sustainability Trust, MPI, Birthright, South Wairarapa Vets, City Care, Napier Kindergarten Association, Downer, Christchurch City Council, Department of Internal Affairs, ACC, Summerset Holdings, and numerous small businesses and individuals.


We placed 23 Managers through the Innovation program. Our General Management Team were impressed by the range of informed ideas that came from the group, giving next-step approval to most. The value these new ideas hold for the organisation is concretely measurable. The thinking from the attendees has also enabled us to enhance current projects. As far as post-programme impact goes,  this is the most effective leadership program I’ve seen and the same is being said by the majority of the attendees. - David Fuller


Recognising the leadership role that today’s Project Managers have, we commissioned a fusion of David’s trainings to run in-house for 43 Managers. The feedback has been exceptional and the results immediate. - Christian Carter, PMO Manager, Transpower


"We have put through 26 people from our division on the Communication Leadership training… We have seen people become far more collaborative and able to manage group approaches in very helpful ways… feedback from participants was the most positive across a wide range of people on their enjoyment of and outcomes from the course."  Derrick Westenra, Transpower


"David has worked very closely with my team and individuals, including myself. He has provided us with the tools, mindset and drive to succeed, both as individuals and as a team. He is well respected and trusted across the team, delivering outstanding results time after time!!" - Chanelle Becker, QA Manager, SNZ

Run this training within your organisation exclusively for your people

Join organisations like Transpower, Statistics NZ, Housing New Zealand and Adscale Labs by commissioning trainings to run in-house exclusively for your people.

If you're wanting to train a larger number of people, this option includes up-front consultation, free follow-up sessions to support embedding and a 30% discount on a minimum of ten participants. The training will also be tailored to fit with your leadership and performance frameworks.

What people say about this training

An addictive and sumptuous mind explosion … Sav is a master at helping people to realise and reach their potential.

Heather Ritchie

Transpower, Project Systems Manager

An amazing growth experience that will leave you with all the skills you need to ROCK!

Jay Devlin

Architect, Enterprise Architecture, Statistics New Zealand

David is a fantastic coach! He is fully committed to you and provides a great support as a coach. He inspired me, challenged me and most importantly believed in me. If I am where I am now, it is thanks to David! 

Lena Arnera

Author, Graines de Leaders

Training Methodology | Designed with the brain in mind


Learning by doing works, (sit-and-listen doesn't). We'll present a tool, demo how to use it and then get you to 'take-the-wheel'.

No Half Haircuts

Squeezing our bigger trainings into half-the-time, is a little like giving someone half a haircut. We just wouldn't do it! Quality comes first.

Layered Training

Each training module is layered into other modules giving you a package of tools that embed key leadership principles.

Brain-Based Training

Tools and skill-sets trained are partnered with an understanding of the brain, giving deeper insights without an academic overload.

Client Centred

These trainings are about you not a textbook,  your own experiences help you make sense of the content.

No One Gets Lost

Our trainings have a max. of 14 people, so no one gets lost in the crowd and everyone gets the space to engage.

Visual Workbooks

Our workbooks are styled on the slides you'll see as the training unfolds. This makes for easier referencing and 'glazed-eye' prevention.

Business End

The tools and skills we train have a business-end... i.e. they lead into clear actions, owners and timeframes so that things get done.

Embedding Strategies

It's not over when the training ends, we've added embedding strategies to help people leap in to action and apply their learning.

... a REAL understanding of how the brain 'wires' and people develop ...

David Savage | Leadership Collaboration Specialist


Fully Walks-The-Talk

Feedback from participants:
"David Savage uses the skills and tools he trains" 6% Agree
94% "Fully Walks-the-Talk"

Est. 2003

Operating since 2003, David Savage is one of the most experienced leadership trainers in New Zealand.


Working with a range of clients from CEOs to New Leaders to Sports Professionals, he's coached over 300 people and delivered training, workshops and keynotes to thousands more.


His extensive training has revolved around brain-science and includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Brain-based Coaching from the Neuro Leadership Group.

High-Profile Contracts

David was one of the original leadership Coaches on the post-eathquake Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, also Alliance Coach on the Memorial Park Alliance, and delivered his leadership trainings internally to over 100 Transpower Managers, and 150+ people at Statistics New Zealand.

Leadership & Collaboration Specialist

“David’s deep understanding and respect for the human spirit creates real and powerful coaching experiences!”

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