Where to from here?

Wellington to Auckland Flight | 2011 | Images & Insights | David Savage

At several thousand feet high, a different sense of scale is offered. Within minutes we’ve flown over the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, each with a story both told and unfolding. We cover hundreds of kilometres of ancient land that in just the last few hundred years has been hugely transformed. As one of seven billion people, it’s a good time to reflect. Where to from here?

Images & Insights

Welcome. I’m combining images and insight to explore themes on leadership, give it a real context and illustrate how it’s expressed in many different ways in everyday life. Some posts are simply thought provokers, whilst others deep-dive with a big question and a touch of brain-science.

Camera to Coach

Prior to becoming a Leadership Specialist over a decade ago, I was a photographer. I travelled with my camera and met people living in very different worlds to our own. It taught me that there are many different faces of leadership, and it taught me to keep-it-real in the training room and place people’s own life experience at the centre of their learning.

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