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“An addictive and sumptuous mind explosion, Sav [David Savage] is a master at helping people to realise and reach their potential.” – H.R.




  • Fifteen years experience, operating New Zealand-wide
  • Brain-based methodology, including Neuroleadership & Neurolinguistics
  • Government, Business and NGO client base
  • Experience coaching on two major Alliance programmes
  • 300+ people coached. 500+ people trained. 50+ team events.
  • Speaker on leadership & the brain in New Zealand & Australia
  • 95% of clients arrive via recommendation or referral
  • A passion for leadership and collaboration as a driver of positive change

“David’s deep understanding and respect for the human spirit creates real and powerful coaching experiences!”

Gai Foskett, Business Coach



In 2003 I began training extensively with the internationally renowned Neuroleadership Group. Within a few years I began to assist on their Coach training courses and then lead their business and executive coaching courses. I also assisted CEO David Rock – author of Quiet Leadership – on the pioneering Theoretical Foundations of Coaching programme.

Client Led

Operating a feedback loop on all trainings and coaching programmes – and in the spirit of continuous improvement – client feedback has shaped what I deliver which ensures relevance and practical real-world application.


As a Master Practitioner and Instructor of Neurolinguistic Programming, I trained with Dr. Richard Bolstad which led to a greater depth of understanding about language and the brain, something that has informed not only the content of my work, but the methodology of it’s delivery for greater client learning and value.


Self-awareness is crucial to leadership and visiting townships and slums as a photographer, I learnt as much about myself, as I did other people’s reality. These experiences have taught me to keep it real in the training room, focus on what’s truely important and drive with purpose.

“There are two distinct parts to my career – the first part as a photographer saw me seeking out travel and adventure, with the camera opening doors to a variety of experiences that taught me about the world, myself and leadership in very real-world terms. The second part, since 2003, as a coach and trainer, helping people create change that’s visionary, positive and authentic. Through these career paths, I believe leadership is at its best when it’s purpose-driven, human-centred and focused on making a positive impact on others and the world around us.” David Savage


BEFORE TO COACHING photography provided a gateway to a range of experiences, travelling and meeting people living in very different realities to our own. Some of these experiences were deeply confronting, whilst others were hugely inspiring. My fascination has always been with people; who they are, how they operate and what they stand and strive for. These questions are still with me now as a coach and trainer but through a leadership lens; being authentic, creating change, meeting challenge and leading with purpose.

Feedback | What people say

David is a fantastic coach! He is fully committed to you and provides a great support as a coach. He inspired me, challenged me and most importantly believed in me. If I am where I am now, it is thanks to David! 

Lena Arnera

Author, Graines de Leaders

David is a top quality coach. After every session I felt like my brain had been scrubbed and I was inspired each step of the way. David drew out the knowledge I had, and gave excellent input at the right times.

Jesse Pirini

Pracademic Edupreneur, Pencilcase

Sav has an amazing ability to get the best out of people. His genuine listening skills help him tune in to what makes people tick, and his coaching skills empower people to set and achieve lofty goals. He's a fun and inspiring person to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anybody who wants to turbo charge their performance.

Paul Roberts

Customer-centric business growth consultant, Roberts Sports

David is an amazing coach, He has helped me to clarify my business and generate a fantastic business plan. He challenges and supports me and is incredibly creative to work with.

Michele Frank

Coach Trainer Facilitator, Frank Coaching

David Savage is a compelling, approachable, effective leadership trainer, one who I can only recommend and do so without hesitation or doubt. I hope to work with David again.

Phil Bilbrough

Group Manager Marketing and Communications, Forest & Bird

An addictive and sumptuous mind explosion, Sav [David Savage] is a master at helping people to realise and reach their potential.

Heather Ritchie

Transpower, Project Systems Manager

David is an excellent leadership facilitator, with the ability to be flexible in his approach, yet meeting the objectives of the programme. He is able to seemingly get into the minds of the participants and work with them in highly positive, inspiring and encouraging manner. David seems to have an ability to make people believe in themselves – an essential quality for any leadership facilitator.

Seema Dao

Communication Manager, SPREP (Samoa)

David is a committed coach and is responsible for enabling myself and many other coaches. He has a passion to see people succeed.

Carl Jarnell

Business Development Consultant, Lightbulb Coaching

Every so often you meet someone who is truly remarkable – that is someone who is so incisive and insightful that you can’t help but remark about them to others. David is truly remarkable. 

Angus Bargh

Traffic Planning Manager, S.C.I.R.T.

David has worked very closely with my team and individuals, including myself. He has provided us with the tools, mindset and drive to succeed, both as individuals and as a team. He is well respected and trusted across the team, delivering outstanding results time after time!!

Chanelle Becker

QA Manager, Statistics New Zealand

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