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Leadership Through The Lens. I'm combining my passions for photography and coaching to explore purpose-driven leadership, give it a real-world context and illustrate it’s many different faces.


Before I became a Coach in 2003 I was a photographer. I travelled with my camera and met people living in very different realities to our own. It taught me that there are many different faces of leadership, it taught me about human endevour and it taught me to keep-it-real in the training room.


I write for purpose-driven people who want to develop their leadership and use it to drive-change and achieve good in the world.

I write on three themes: (1) Know who you are to grow who you are, (2) leading with purpose and (3) dealing in possibilities (not problem or drama).

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THIS BLOG. Combining images and insights to explore leadership development with a real-world context.

Crayfish & Conflict

How a scuba diving emergency illustrates key principles of conflict resolution …

Riots and Rapport

Three thousand people walled in by four-deep lines of riot police for eight-hours. What did I see? A whole lot of rapport and a couple of molotov cocktails.

A Step Removed

At several thousand feet high, a different sense of scale is offered and we become a step removed from life with Self at the centre.


“From your case history and the tests we’ve done… it looks as if you have ALS, a Motor Neurone Disease.”


These strategies are for people who’ve been diagnosed with a terminal or life threatening illness. If that’s you, I’m sharing these strategies because I know something about what you’re going through…

Intro this blog

A nicely timed kick-up-the-arse can bring a wealth of insight and benefit, and just over a year ago I had one that by all means should have been bruising.

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