Drive the process

If you’re engaging in the mainstream health system and/or a complimentary pathway, then drive the process. This advice was given to me by my cousin who is a Doctor. In my case it turned out to be needed, with appointments not being booked after I was (mis)diagnosed with ALS.

Double-check appointments, make sure the right tests are being booked and always ask questions to establish your options. Some healthcare systems are extremely under-resourced, and so mistakes can happen and delays occur. It maybe worth ‘project managing’ the process to an extent:

  • Know the bigger picture – support services, outcomes, who does what and when
  • Go into your appointment with your questions written down
  • Understand the strategy going forward and the sequence of tests etc.
  • Ensure action is being taken by the right people, follow-up if things go quiet

Obviously, you can do all this with a positive approach given that overall people are trying to help you. Plus, ‘letting go’ and forgiving the odd mistake is likely to be better for your headspace.

About these strategies

Welcome. These strategies are for people who’ve been diagnosed with a terminal or life threatening illness. If that’s you, I’m sharing them because I know something about what you’re going through, they helped me and so maybe they can help you too.

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